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Cutting-Edge Remote Care in Pittsburgh, PA

Remote Patient Monitoring & Telehealth

In essentially every area of healthcare, it’s true that timely information can lead to better health outcomes. Unfortunately, many patients face obstacles to early detection and frequent testing, from mobility issues to work schedules. Seeing real-time health data through at-home monitoring allows your physician to circumvent those obstacles, manage and monitor your chronic conditions, and provide care without the need for travel.

That’s why Pittsburgh Health Partners is proud to be a part of the FocusMD Remote Monitoring Program, which allows patients to share real time health data with their providers and can lead to more tailored care and better health outcomes. We also conduct telehealth appointments with a patient-centric approach, meaning you’ll spend as much one-on-one time with your doctor as you need to be truly cared for, even when receiving remote care.

If you’re ready to start receiving patient-first remote virtual healthcare from the top chronic disease doctors in Pittsburgh, it’s time to get started with Pittsburgh Health Partners. Schedule your first appointment with us today.

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How At-Home Monitoring Works

The at-home monitoring devices we prescribe to patients at Pittsburgh Health Partners are easy to use – all you’ll need is a cellular signal. Most areas in Pittsburgh have a sufficient signal to transmit readings. No Wi-Fi or cell phone necessary. This will allow the device to transmit the necessary information.

Your assigned care manager will walk you through the quick initial steps. Once you’ve been set up with your at-home monitoring device, here’s how it works:

  1. Your device will take a reading of whatever data is necessary to monitor your condition.
  2. Your device will transmit that data to your assigned care manager.
  3. Your care manager will share that information directly with your PHP physician, so they can monitor your health remotely.

This program tracks vitals and physiological parameters such as weight, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels between office visits, ensuring that your physician always knows what’s going on with your health without you needing to travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for at-home monitoring?

Are you living with two or more chronic conditions, which if left untreated may result in more serious healthcare problems? If so, the team at Pittsburgh Health Partners may choose to add remote monitoring to your current treatment plan in order to receive daily vital measurements to enhance your quality of care.

Some of the most common conditions for which we prescribe remote monitoring include:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Failure
  • Diabetes
  • COPD

Are telemedicine appointments difficult to set up?

Not at all. The telemedicine platform we use at Pittsburgh Health Partners is extremely user-friendly, and if you should have any issues, our staff is happy to help you and answer any questions you have. 

How can I get started with the best chronic disease management team near me?

Pittsburgh Health Partners wants patients to feel comfortable and confident scheduling an appointment with our team. That’s why we’ve made it easy with our online scheduling tool. Just click the button below and select a time that works for you.